July 7, 2022



A 46 Year Tradition in my home town

Today kicks off a yearly ritual for our small community just 40 miles north of the big city. For me as a designated photographer This is truly a high point to my year.

I have never categorized myself as a sports fanatic, however this is the one sport that pits man and beast. There is no one you are competing with other than the clock. For me that is what makes it so awesome to experience.

The Men and Women that return every year to display their skills have worked for years following off of livestock, getting run over by angry bulls and unbroken horses. Yet every year they return. To say this is a hardy breed of individual is really an understatement.

Raised on the east side St. Paul and transplanted 30 years ago to this rural community where we chose to raise our kids, it amazed me the way this town comes out to watch the excitement. Like Garth said; "Well it's bulls and blood, it's dust and mud, It's the roar for the Sunday crowd.' I was hooked.

If you have not taken the time to drive north, I would highly recommend it. The Isanti Firefighters Rodeo is sanctioned by the PRCA and directly supports the Isanti Fire District. Every year I am amazed by the work the firefighter do to create such a successful event.

Tonight kicks off the weekend in Isanti with one of the state longest parades, then the great Mama Jean Golf Classic hosted at Grand 9 this year and the Friday Night Rodeo Dance and a Kids day celebration on Saturday, Kitty Parade and another Rodeo and Dance right after.

Check out the Isanti MN Firefighters Rodeo Association- Isanti Fire District for more information.