Looking to Learn the Fine Art of Photography

If your ready to learn, I'm Ready to Teach

Looking to Learn The Fine Art of Photography?

If you are like me, I can read every book and watch every video but I have a different teaching style. I have to ask questions, dumb questions, clarifying questions and everything in-between. I just learn better that way. I need classes, real in person classes, with real in person people. That's just me!

I also know I'm not the only one who learns this way. If you have always wanted to dive deeper into photography, maybe you are going on a great vacation and want to learn more about your camera or want to learn about setting up beautiful shots, I can show you. Do you only have a phone as a camera? No problem, I offer short in-person courses to show you how to compose, edit and post your pictures to social media.

I also offer private instruction along with small classes in learning the art of photography. My classes will cover basic introduction of photography, composition, Lenses, Types of Photography and Editing.

All 1:1 instruction starts at $35.00 per hour.