September 6, 2021

Family Photography

Family Photography

"I got a Nikon camera, I love to take your photograph"-Paul Simon

As a photographer, I find I am interested in capturing so many things. I love faces, joy, laughter and families, when they work! I am often asked about taking family portraits or senior picture. For years now I have shied away from doing them because of my own self criticism.

Being a photographer is much different when you take photos to please yourself. When someone likes your work, that is a bonus. But when you'r working for someone there is a whole lot of pressure placed on you to appease your client. Every time I start a client project, I enter into the job knowing I can do it but getting over self doubt and inter criticism is at times crippling.

Yesterday's shoot began the same way. I actually dragged my feet in heading to the clients little cabin. I was not sure what I may be getting into. When I arrived I discussed wants, and Ideas. Immediately I was put at ease. This family wanted casual pictures of the girls so they could remember them at this age in this place.

The girls came out wrapped in wool blankets, simple dresses, purple socks and small Birkenstocks. I was a bit chilly as early fall was emerging out of a hot long summer. The girls and I talked as the parents and grand parent left. I felt immediate ease. It also helped that I brought an assistant with me (My 11 year old granddaughter) who helped to break the ice. I think the assistant helped to put the girls at ease as we progressed. These girls were rockstars, the parents amazing and the little cabin by the lake was cozy. I ended up being there a little over an hour and capturing this great family.

I left there wondering why I always doubt myself.

As I uploaded my work making minor edits I sent them off to the family in less then 24 hours and received nothing but gratitude.

I believe that worry and anxiety is a driving force in doing better. Yesterday I did better.