Event Photography

Event Photography

Shooting Events

I have captured Rodeos, music festivals, protests, ski races, and even a few celebrities. As an event photographer I am always on the move. When I am done, I know that I have captured images that will get people talking. I am also beat! The energy in event photography, always being on task is wearing, but I would not trade the action for anything in my body of work.

Shooting my favorite event

Of all the events I have captured, Rodeo is by far my favorite. I just love the excitement, the crowd and the sport. Just the cowboy and the clock. These guys & gals hustle! They hustle from rodeo to rodeo, they hustle against the clock and hustle for the prize at the end. They are Americana at its finest. This is a heritage sport. It is the "bulls and blood, the dust and mud." They call it rodeo.

-Thanks "Garth"